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Basic Information

Cell-U-Sorb® is a 100% cellulose absorbent produced from recycled raw material. It is harmless to plant, animal and aquatic life. Cell-U-Sorb® selectively absorbs hydrocarbons from water while absorbing trace amounts of water for a cleaner surface (less sheen). Once Cell-U-Sorb® has absorbed a hydrocarbon, it floats indefinitely for easy removal.

Cell-U-Sorb® will assist in neutralizing environmental problems with oil spills by absorbing 8 to 12 times its own weight in oil or oil-based products. One 20 LB. bag absorbs 13 to 25 gallons of oil depending on quality and type.

Cell-U-Sorb® can be incinerated for ease of disposal and will not produce unwanted emissions. As an energy source, it will contribute 7,000 BTU's per pound during incineration, with very little ash. Cell-U-Sorb's light weight and high absorption rate will lower the cost of transporting a spill. Powerful wicking action prevents spread of hazardous materials. The use of Cell-U-Sorb® will result in direct and indirect cost savings in the handling of hazardous waste materials.

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In Process GS-25 20 lb. bag 30 per pallet

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